Yaygın olarak kullanılan 1325 cnc plazma kesici cnc plazma kesme makinası

satılık kullanılan cnc plazma kesme makinası

Ana Özellikler

1. Welded thick-walled steel structure, after special treatment, no distortion
for the whole structure high precision, and long service life time.
2. Cutting system use Beijing starfire system/ Start system/ FLMC-2300A or DSP system;
Equipped with automatic height controller ( THC controller), which can according to your material planeness,
cutting head can automatically stable, and fast adjust.
3. Two different kinds of power supply: domestic Huayuan Power and Haibao power supply.
# American Hypertherm power supply: 0-10mm (65A) ; 0-15mm(85A) ; 0-20mm(105A); 0-35mm (200A);
# Chinese LGK series (Huayuan ) power supply: 0-5mm (LGK63A); 0-10mm(LGK100A); 10-15mm(LGK160A); 0-25mm (LGK200A);
4. Taiwan HIWIN linesr rail, ensure vertical section, more precision.
5. Suitable software: Artcam/ Fstcam/ / TyArtcam/ Beihang Haier etc.
6. In allusion to the cutting of Three-dimensional LED advertising word, metal plate of sulciform characters and base plate, cutting precision reach to excellent indicators.
8. High configuration of numerical control system, automatic striking the arc, stable with reliable performance.
9. For plasma cutter heads, there are four type for your choose

Applications Industry

Widely used in the industries as aerospace, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, railway manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, special construction vehicle, tool manufacturing, oil machinery manufacturing, food machinery, decorated advertizing, foreign processing service and all kinds industries related to mechanical manufacturing.

Technical specification

Working  Area3000x1500mm
Hız kesmek8-15m/min
Tekrar konumlandırma doğruluğu± 0.05mm
İşlem hassasiyeti±0.35mm
MotorStep motor
Kesme kalınlığı0-30mm (depends on power supply)
İletim modeliDişli raf sürücüsü
Giriş gerilimi3 phase 380V
Güç kaynağıLGK--63A,100A,160A,200A
Kesme sistemiPekin Stuart kesme sistemi (İngilizce)
İletim sistemiX,Y Taiwan Hiwin high-precision,
zero clearance increased linear guide+ rack
Destek yazılımıDrawing software--CAD
Nesting software--Australia fastcam software
Cutting path file--artcam, type3 etc
Height controlarc voltage torch height controller
Kılavuz yoluİthal kare raylı
Tablo-tahtasıÇelik bıçak testere dişi mesa
Çelik bıçak testere dişi mesaRay fiş sürücüleri 860
(Sino-us joint venture large drives)
Çalışma moduNon-contact arc


Widely Used 1325 CNC Plasma Cutter CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Cutting materials

For iron, aluminum, galvanized sheet, white sheet, titanium plate and other metal plates.
Makine ve elektronik ürünlerin kabukları, reklam tabelaları, el sanatları, demir bahçesi, otomobil üretimi, tekne yapımı, elektrikli aksesuarlar, tahta kesimi.