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Accurl 3D plasma cutting machine is the ideal solution for the production of flue pipes. With the 3D plasma cutting machine, you can quickly and easily produce high-precision pipe segments, holes for accession process fittings, tees, and produce high quality frames. 3D plasma cutting plotter operated by a 3-axis CNC – with linear and circular sequencing.

3D 5 Eksenli Su Jeti CNC Makinesi-Su jeti Kesim Paslanmaz Çelik-Yüksek Basınçlı Su Jetleri

3d 5 eksenli su jeti cnc makinesi-su jeti kesim paslanmaz çelik-yüksek basınçlı su jetleri

The ACCURL® abrasive water jet machine is a high-pressure waterjet machine that utilizes straight water cutting or abrasive waterjet cutting to cut several types of material. The ACCURL® is a heavy-duty precision, ground ball screw designed system for maximum precision and rigidity. The ACCURL® is built to the most stringent standards in the machine tool industry. . The ACCURL® using the water jet high-pressure cutting process to cut material thicknesses from gauge up to 8". The ACCURL® will cut material ...
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Ucuz fiyat cnc plazma kesici makinası 1325 çin plazma kesme makinası

Features of Cnc plasma cutter Fast cutting speed,high precision and low cost. With firm and reasonable structure,the machine is easy to operate and durable for use. The cutting incision is thin and tidily and can avoid the second processing. High configurated CNC system,auto arc-striking and stable performance. Together with other advertising equipments,they form an advertisement producing line which completely solve the problem of traditional manual mode. Working with computer and support G code and files of Uncannest software (specilized in ...
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Çin ucuz plazma 1325 1530 metal plazma kesici ev yapımı cnc plazma kesme makinası

Charateristics: 1. high intensive plasma arc energy, temperature, fast speed 2. Light beam design, good rigidity, light weight and tiny moving inertia. 3. Small cutting gap, no residua. 4. Plasma cutting machine Y axis adopts double moters with double drivers. XYZ axis round raill, moving smoothly, with high accuracy. (Option:squar raill) 5. Excellent cutting 3D illuminated letters for advertising and channel letters on metal surface board. 6. Plasma Cutter working together with other advertising machines, such as CNC Router etc, ...
3d plazma kesme makinası

sac 3d gerçek delik cnc plazma konik kesme makinası

Metal Sac 3D Gerçek Delik CNC Plazma Konik Kesme Makinesi CNC Mikro Kenar PRO Plazma Kesme Makinesi en popüler makinelerimizden biridir. CNC plazma ve alev kesme makinesinin profesyonel üreticisi biziz. CNC sistemimiz Hypertherm Micro EDGE PRO, EDGE PRO, SJTU-SK, HC6500 vb. İçerir. Yukarıdaki tüm kesme makinelerinde plazma ve oksi-yakıt alev seçenekleri bulunur. Başlıca ürünlerimiz: CNC Plazma Kesim Makinesi, CNC Alev Kesme Makinesi, CNC Oksi-yakıt Kesme Makinesi, CNC Plazma Kesici, CNC Alev ...
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63 / 100a cnc plazma kesme makinası üreticisi

63 / 100A cnc Plazma Kesme Makinesi üreticisi Özellikler 1. 63 / 100A CNC plazma kesme makinası hafif yapısal tasarıma sahiptir, yapı iyi sertlik, hafiflik ve küçük hareket ataletine sahiptir. 2. Portal tipi yapı. Y ekseni senkron çift motorlu ve sürücülü, X, Y, Z eksenleri ise lineer kılavuzlar, dengeli şanzıman ve yüksek operasyonel hassasiyet sağlar. 3.Mainly Üç boyutlu LED reklam kelimesini, oluk karakterleri ve süpürgeliklere sahip metal plakaları kesip kesme doğruluğu mükemmel endekse kadar yükselir
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Hipertherm kenar pro cnc plazma kesme makinası 3d cnc router makine

Detailed Product Description Product Description Plasma Cutting Machines has a double side gear drive and it’s designed with strong steel construction for positioning capability at high speeds. You will have a precise cutting ability at X-Y axis with linear guide ways and 30m/min speed. It has ability to maintain constant at the same height and the quality, with the Arc-THC control sensor. 1. Perfect parallel movement: The correct positioning is assured by high-resolution encoders, directly mounted on the motors. The ...
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Detailed Product Description CNC Steel Plasma Cutting Machine 2500 x 6000mm with HyPerformance HPR400XD Plasma Source for Messer CNC Plasma Cutter Product Description The machine equippment with Multi-axis design, unique design bevel rotator, it is capable of ctting available V, Y, K, X type bevel cutting accurate bevel profiles on any angle from +45° To -45 ° , the rotator is controlled by CNC system automatically. Gantry and box type welded structure, annealed heat treatment, long service life, stable and ...